Slack Mass

by Pale Yellow

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released April 20, 2011



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Pale Yellow Somerville, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Not a Vessel
I can't deny/caught the light/cauterize/can't rely
I'm/not a vessel
open might/, might/mind

Track Name: Panel of Experts
She puts on a good show; hung/juried on conjecture
by people who should know, by a panel of experts
How can she expect anyone to respect her
when she exhibits no class, but always stays for a lecture?

Oh Maryanne,
they've all got you in the palm of their hands,
you're wrapped round the fingers of total strangers
so tight, you're bound to lose again

I just hope she makes the most of her neurosis:
dosin' it out, devoted to social Go Fish
At least keep it sharp and know how to use it.
But remember where it's hid, and you're sure gonna lose it.

Oh I can't stop
you and your friends playing bad cop/worse cop.
Tilting vicious and pretty in your surrogate city,
a well-oiled scene of machine cogs.

O! Freshmen,
so mean, and can't see the end.
Keep it sharp,
know how to use it.